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  • Floral Decorations in Spello

    (June 1-2, 2024)

    Spello is known for its CORPUS DOMINI stupendous floral decoration creations performed by true artists who plan and prepare them for months, using only vegetal and floral elements.

    Every year in Spello approximately 1,500 meters of carpets and floral paintings are made which, inspired by religious motifs, celebrate Jesus and the Eucharistic miracle The magical momemt is during the afternoon and night of the Saturday preceding the festival when the flower-makers work on the streets, bent over the ground, to draw, place and arrange millions and millions of petals capable of producing those magical masterpieces linked to the themes of religious tradition and even of the most vivid topicality.

    The works last all night and only at 9.00 in the morning are the streets covered with a single polychrome and perfumed carpet.