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    Activities 8
    Balloon Adventures Umbria

    Umbria is often described as the green heart of Italy. It offers a great variety of landscapes dotted with beautiful mediaeval cities and villages, Perugia, Bevagna, Montefalco, Spoleto, Spello, Trevi. We are fortunate to take off in sight of one of the most revered sites in Italy, Assisi. It would be difficult to find anywhere in the world a more enchanting ballooning location!. Mornings are the best time for hot air ballooning. The air is calm, fresh and the land is quiet. Being up in a balloon, drifting quietly is an almost spiritual experience! The flight time is approximately one hour and then we serve a very tipycall Umbrian breakfast. Let's try this wonderful experience to see Umbria from a very different point of view!!! Call or write us for INFO & BOOKING

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    Rafting Pangea Center

    In Scheggino, there is the Pangea Rafting Center, for years affiliated with F.I.RAFT (Italian Federation of Rafting), associated with CONI, and with C.S.E.N. (National Educational Sports Center) to give the best service on site and at the same time be able to be coordinated with national information. Rafting, canoeing, canyoning, picnic area, and much more for all ages. For a fantastic day outdoor, in the magnificent setting of Scheggino
    For info and reservations, please contact our Reception.

    Monti Sibillini National Park

    Rafting, adventure parks and outdoor activities. Discover and live the territory of the National Park of Monte Sibillini, between Umbria and Marche with many activities, suitable for adults and children. The Corno River is waiting for you with rafting descents suitable for the whole family. The Adventure Park at Fiastra Lake gives offfers you nice activities such as: rope itineraries, Tibetans bridge and various cable cars, You can also practice orienteering, archery and nature tour boat with electric motor. In the National Park of Monti Sibillini you can enjoy fantastic excursions and guided walks between ridges, valleys and canyons. In winter, hiking in the snow with snowshoes. and one last rush of adrenaline, Flight Paragliding in tandem with an instructor. You just have to ask for the discount card to Reception and book your adventure.

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    Horse trekking and enjoy a great Trasimeno lake view

    This horse trekking allows you to establish this fascinating bond by meeting and interacting with your horse, following the directions and advice of the expert guides and venturing into the splendid woods typical of the Panicale area. Once you reach the riding school, a few minutes from Panicale, you meet the guides who introduce you to the approach to the horse, its cleaning and its preparation. Once you have established the right level of confidence, you set off along a path surrounded by greenery through woods and along ridges that offer a splendid view of Lake Trasimeno:

    Activities 13
    Città della Domenica

    Città della Domenica is Italy's first amusement park. It was conceived and built in the late 1950s by Mario Spagnoli (1900-1977), an enlightened entrepreneur from Perugia and son of Luisa Spagnoli (the woman who invented Baci Perugina and created the fashion house of the same name), who bought it in the early 1950s.Originally named 'Monte Pulito' due to the lack of vegetation, the hill was regenerated and initially an olive grove was planted there. Later, a country house with a clay pigeon shooting range was built on the top of the hill, a meeting point for weekend outings.

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    Wine tasting all around Umbria

    There are many wineries around Umbria that offer tastings of their wines. Just decide where to go, which village to visit and we will help you find the right winery in the right place to taste the wines of our Umbria. Information & booking at the Reception Desk

    Cooking class with lunch

    Food and wine in Umbria is a real culture. In Città delle Pieve, in the splendid setting of a cellar immersed in the greenery of Pieve, guided and advised by professional chefs, you will delve into the Umbrian gastronomic culture for half a day by reproducing some typical dishes of the local tradition with your own hands. The activity, which begins at 9.30, is enriched by a visit to the cellar, whose wines will be paired with the dishes prepared, and by an aperitif before lunch. Once seated at the table you can enjoy the fruit of your work, guided by the experience and passion of the chefs. Info and Booking at the reception Desk

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    Giuditta Brozzetti Museo Atelier

    Entering our workshop allows the visitor to embark upon a singular and emotional journey through time in the pursuit of tradition. The Giuditta Brozzetti Museum, situated in the evocative setting of the ex-Church of Saint Francis of the Women is one of the last remaining hand weaving studios in Italy and here visitors can marvel at original working looms from the 18th and 19th centuries and discover their rich history. In this magical place, become involved in the creation of a textile, immerse yourself in a world suspended in a time where ancient rhythms are repeated with centuries-old love and dedication: rhythms which have been passes down, unchanged from generation to generation. Let’s choose between a guided visit or a weaving course.
    Information & Booking at the reception desk.

    Activities 19
    Umbrian ceramics... And get your hands in the clay!

    Do you want to create something with your hands? Take a piece of clay and, with the help of an Art Master and Ceramist, you can experiment an ancient Umbrian tradition, ceramics, modeling the clay with your hands and creating something unique and personal. This experience, which is not reserved for those with great manual skills but is aimed at anyone who wants to get their hands dirty, allows you to directly experience the history and artisan tradition of Perugia and Umbria. Information& Booking at the reception desk

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    Boutiques and typical shops

    Wandering around the streets of town centres and discovering delightful shop windows of small exclusive or characteristic boutiques: shopping in Umbrian villages is always an exciting adventure.Small ateliers, art galleries, ancient craftsmen's shops, historic jewellers, hidden wine shops: every street in the most characteristic town centres is dotted with small shops, each one different from the next. Whether you buy or not, you can relax strolling among the many shop windows, before coffee or a cappuccino in a quaint café, perhaps with a panoramic terrace.

    The big brands

    Those interested in big brands can stroll along Perugia's Corso Vannucci to discover the historic shops that have been offering clothing and accessories by famous designers such as Armani, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Micheal Kors, Max Mara, Moschino and Ermenegildo Zegna for years. Also not to be missed is the shop and outlet of Luisa Spagnoli, whose company is based near Perugia. The big names can also be found in the more characteristic town centres, such as Assisi or Foligno, where the shops are small but immersed in a charming atmosphere.

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    Umbria is also known for excellence in the field of textiles, especially cashmere processing. Famous is the Brunello Cucinelli outlet, located in Solomeo (a few kilometres from Perugia), where there is also the centre for the production and processing of the highly prized wool, but there are other famous brands in the area, such as Della Ciana, Lamberto Losani, Cruciani, Luxury Cashmere and Fabiana Filippi.