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    Welcome and hospitality since 1983
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    The beginnings

    In 1981 Gino Mencaroni, a construction entrepreneur with his sons Ennio and Giorgio, both engineers, purchased the land in Via Palermo with the idea of building a new hotel in Perugia, taking inspiration from the large foreign and northern Italian hotel chains. The Mencaroni family designed and built a modern and cutting-edge structure, an absolute novelty in the Perugino panorama, and therefore proceeded to complete it in the two-year period 1982-1983.

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    The Opening

    For the first time, on 9 May 1983, the Perugia Plaza Hotel opened its doors to the public, welcoming numerous customers and curious citizens who had observed for two yeras the works of the large structure at the gateway to the city. The media outcry is notable, in that time, for the city of Perugia, which had not yet hosted large and modern structures: that the reason why the Perugia Plaza Hotel immediately became a well-known place in the city, both for its quality and hospitality and for its strategic location. Politicians, singers, musicians, actors, athletes, enjoyed the rooms of the structure, but above all many reapeat guests who continue to choose the Perugia Plaza Hotel for their visits to Umbria.

    The renovations

    Over time, the structure has been renovated on several occasions, trying to introduce with each new renovation materials and services that were as modern, innovative, and comfortable as possible for guests. The Mencaroni family has expanded the hotel properties, but since then, and still today, they manage the structure directly, thanks also to the presence of the staff who, from the beginning of the adventure, has been able to ensure hospitality and excellent services to their guests. 40 years of history have already been written, we can't wait to write the next ones.

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    Our services

    Perugia Plaza Hotel offers its guest a lot of services to make their staying very comfortable and unique

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