"Ciaramicola Perugina"

"Ciaramicola Perugina"

Typical Easter cake ... come to Perugia and taste it 

The Ciaramicola Umbra is a typical Umbrian Easter cake .

In the past,  it was donated in the upcoming girls for marriage to future husbands'families, just to celebrate Easter . Ciaramicola has the shape of a donut with a cross inside , above it there are five protrusions , which represent the five districts of Perugia . The red color of dough and the white meringue, represent the historical colors of the city (red & white). Even colored sugar sprinkles have a special meaning. They represent the strong bond of this city with the earth (yellow for wheat , green for grazing and d blue for the waters of Lake Trasimeno ).

Ingredients : 450 gr of flour , 120 gr of butter , 200 gr r , 2 eggs , 30 gr of alchermes , a lemon , 1 tablespoon baking powder.

For the meringue : 2 egg whites , 50 gr of powdered sugar, 50 gr of colored sprinkles ( yellow, green and light blue )

Mix and knead for a few minutes the flour with the eggs , butter , sugar, lemon grated rind and liqueur. Then add the bakind powder and rolled the dough on lightly floured table , making sure to divide it into two parts, with one part will form a donut that you will put into a buttered baking tin , with the other part formed two strips and place in the center of the donut forming a cross. Bake at 180 degrees for about half an hour.

While the cake is cooking, mount the egg whites until stiff with sugar ;cover the with the egg whites whip ( trying to form 5 horns with the meringue ) , sprinkle with colored sprinkles and put in the oven until the meringue is dried.

In the morning you can enjoy "Ciaramicola" on the breakfast buffet on  Easter  morning

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