Open cellars in Umbria

26 and 27 may 2018

The last weekend of May but also before and after

"I love, during conversation at dinner table, to see the light trought the bottle of a smart wine" (Pablo Neruda)

Umbria, with ots wonderful hills, is suitable for grape growing. In fact, on the beautiful Umbrian hills, the vines grow in sunny position, providing the raw material for a wine tradition that dates back to Etruscan times and that has remained virtually unchanged. They produce white wines (primary role has the Grechetto, that is a grape native with which excellent wines are produced) and red wines (here stands the Sagrantino, the most important red grape); do not forget the sweet wines made from grapes left to dry on racks, whose best representative is the Vin Santo.
So come in Umbria  to discover our wines: 2 D.O.G.C., 11 D.O.C. and 6 I.G.T.
Open cellars is an excellent opportunity to come and discover our wine production but the Umbrian wineries will be open for you at other times.
Hurry to book your weekend and ask for information about the tour of the cellars ... will be spoiled for choice !!!
But you can also organize a wine tour with your friend even in another period.

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