Perugino 2023

from 4th March to 11th June 2023

Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci known as "Perugino"

From 4 March to 11 June 2023, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of his death, the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia celebrates with a major exhibition Perugino, Pietro Vannucci, "The Best Master of Italy", a name that comes conferred by Agostino Chigi in a letter dated 7 November 1500 and which was chosen as the title of the exhibition.
The exhibition is curated by Marco Pierini, director of the Gallery, and Veruska Picchiarelli, curator of the Perugian museum.
The exhibition itinerary, made up of over seventy works, has chosen to identify only paintings by Vannucci prior to 1504, the year in which he worked on three commissions that mark the highest point of his career: the Crucifixion of the Chigi Chapel in Sant'Agostino in Siena, the Struggle between Love and Chastity already in Mantua, now in the Louvre in Paris, and above all the Marriage of the Virgin for the chapel of the Holy Ring of the Cathedral of Perugia, today in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Caen (France).
There are many itineraries to discover Umbria and the places where you can find the works of Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci (about 1448 - 1523), a master from Città della Pieve famous all over the world.
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