Frecciarossa Milano - Perugia a/r

Frecciarossa, now Perugia is closer to...!!!

Good news ... Freccciarossa (Italian high speed train) arrives in Perugia.
Now Florence, Bologna and Milan will be closer to Perugia and with the convenience, speed and advantages offered by the Frecce Trenitalia service.
Frecciarossa will leave from the station of Milan at 6.45 pm to be in Perugia at 10.18 pm and will leavea the station of Perugia Fontivegge in the morning at 5.13 am to arrive in Milan at 8.30 am.
An opportunity for the city to become part of the network of the capitals served by the High Speed ​​and offer a great opportunity to peolple travelling for pleasure or for job.
What better chence to come and visit the beautiful Umbria?
Whether you come from Florence, Bologna or Milan, we have thought of a truly unmissable offer ...
Arrive on Friday and leave on Monday morning.
You will have 2 full days to visit Perugia and the other fascinating towns nearby
and ... you will pay 2 nights instead of 3 since the last night will be very short !!!
We are waiting for you in Perugia and enjou your journey with Frecciarossa !!!

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