The Restaurant

Fortebraccio Restaurant

The genuine taste of traditional Umbrian cuisine is served with skill in the refined elegance of the "Fortebraccio" Restaurant, which is featured in the best gastronomic guides such as the Guide Michelin, Touring Club and Espresso, and it is often one of the reason why people chooses the Hotel.

Our Menù

Hors d’hoeuvre

  • Smoked duck breast with celery and apple salad
  • Melted “Tomino” cheese with savoy cabbage and little pieces of toasted bread
  • Parmesan cheese porridge with fried wild mushrooms
  • Zucchini and eggplant millefeuille with tomato fondue
  • Local raw ham and “torta al testo” (Umbrian thicker piadina)
  • Selection of local salami and ewe’s milk cheeses

Pasta, rice and soup

  • Creamy “risotto” with zucchini, local matured bacon and saffron
  • “Umbricelli” (home-made flour and water noodles) with Umbrian truffle
  • “Pappardelle” (home-made egg large noodles) with duck white ragout, savoy cabbage and cheese matured in cave
  •  “Maltagliati” (home-made egg pasta) with chick-peas, sausage and wild mushroom
  • “Calamarata” (a kind of short macaroni) with eggplant, rocket and tomatoes ratatouille and “caciocavallo” (kneaded-paste cheese from Southern Italy) 
  •  “Passatelli” (home-made short pasta made with breadcrumbs, eggs, parmesan cheese, lemon peel and nutmeg) in meat broth
  • Soup of the day

Second courses

  • Guinea-fowl breast with green pepper
  • Wild boar stew with “polenta” and ewe’s milk cheese
  • Pan-fried pork fillet with leek, walnuts and Marsala
  • Cut of beef with  rosemary
  • Grilled veal cutlet
  • Grilled lamb ribs
  • Fiorentina Sirloin Steak (each hg)
  • Steak Tartare
  • Vegetable second course

Side Dishes

  • Grilled vegetables
  • Pan fried chicory or spinach
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Grille red chicory                   
  • Mixed salad


  • Citrus fruit parfait
  • Dark chocolate pudding
  • Cream Pudding
  • ​Caramel custard
  • Tiramisu (soft cake made with mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers soaked in coffee)
  • Mixed Ice cream
  • Natural Pineapple
  • Fresh fruit salad or Fruit in season



In our restaurant you can taste the best flambè dishes in town, prepared by our Maittre.

A unique and great experience... also tastefull!!!

  • Beef fillet with green pepper
  • Voronoff Style fillet (with onion and Mustarde sauce)
  • Maitre style crepes
  • Banana Flambè
  • Crepes Suzette


Slow Food Presidia

The Presidia sustain quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties.Today, more than 450 Presidia involve more than 13,000 producers. Come in Umbria to taste Civita di Cascia Roveja and Trasiemno Lake Bean. We can porpose you:

  • Roveja soup with toasted bread and olive oil

The roveja a small, pea-like legume, whose color varies from dark green to brown to gray. Some researchers believe it is an ancestor of the common pea, while others claim it is a true species. In either case, its botanical classification is still unclear. In past centuries it was a staple in the diet of herders and farmers in the Sibillini Mountains, but in recent years its cultivation has been almost completely abandoned. Only in Valnerina, particularly in the area around Cascia, does it continue to be sown. The beans are grown at altitudes between 600 and 1,200 meters, planted in March and harvested in the middle of the summer.

Slow Food Presidia

La nostra Tavola per le tue Occasioni

La nostra Tavola per le tue Occasioni

Il nostro accogliente Ristorante, dove i sapori tipici della Cucina Umbra vengono abilmente rivisti dall'estro del nostro Chef, ed i suoi molteplici spazi sia interni che esterni, vi aspettano per qualsiasi occasione:

  • Cene aziendale o colazioni di lavoro
  • Feste di Compleanno
  • Feste di Laurea
  • Anniversari
  • Battesimi
  • Cene di San Valentino
  • Veglioni di Capodanno

ed ogni altra occasione vogliate festeggiare in un ambiente raffinato ed unico.
A disposizione per predisporre menù in base alle vostre specifiche esigenze, vi aspettiamo per farvi assaporare la nostra cucina.