Umbria Jazz 2018 Perugia

13 - 22 July 2018

"If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know" LOUIS ARMSTRONG

Umbria Jazz 2018 and Perugia as its magical frame.
The programm of the next edition of Umbria Jazz is being outlined
On July 16th they will be on the stage of the Santa Guliana Arena, the Massive Attack, whose concert will see the British Fathers band as the opening act.
After one year, Pat Metheny will return to Umbria on July 19th. The great Kansas City guitarist will be preceded on the stage of the Arena Santa Giuliana by the quintet of Kyle Eastwood, son of the actor Clint Eastwood.
And on July 20th David Byrne, founder of the talking heads in 1974, will go on stage.
Waiting to discover the other protagonists we invite you to Perugia to give you great and unique moments of fantastic music.
Hurry up if you do not want to miss the Umbria Jazz concerts, the coolest summer concerts!
Take the best guaranteed rates with WI-FI, free parking, gym and outdoor pool.
Free Shuttle, Perugia Center and the Umbria Jazz places, from the early afternoon to the early hours of the morning.
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KRAFTWERK 3D CONCERT - Arena Santa Giuliana - 7 July 2017

KRAFTWERK 3D CONCERT - Arena Santa Giuliana - 7 July 2017

After their worldwide hugely successful 3-D concert tours, the Electro pioneers Kraftwerk announce their only Italian concert this summer  at Umbria Jazz, Perugia July 7.  
Bringing together music and performance art, Kraftwerk 3-D concerts are a true  "Gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art.”
Their compositions, using innovative techniques, synthetic voices and computerised rhythms, have had a major international influence across an entire range of music genres: from Electro to Hip Hop, from Techno to SynthPop.     
In their live performances, Kraftwerk – Ralf Hütter, Henning Schmitz, Fritz Hilpert,  Falk Grieffenhagen – illustrate their belief in the respective contributions of both man and machine.


LETTUCE & JAMIE CULLUM - Arena Santa Giuliana - 8 July 2017

The Lettuce knew in Boston in 1992 when they were attending  the Berklee's courses. They started to play together, but at the end of the lesson they separated to folow their own way.
After two years they found themselves in Boston and decided to make a stable band: the Lettuce. They will perform, on the main stage of Umbria Jazz,  with Jamie Cullum, the UK's most popular jazzaman ever.
He started with jazz music with the Twentysomething record and then, thanks to his eclectic talent, ranged between soul, hip hop, rock and pop. So many prizes received including a Grammy and two Golden Globes.

LETTUCE & JAMIE CULLUM - Arena Santa Giuliana - 8 July 2017

In the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Luigi Tenco, Umbria Jazz dedicates one of his most important evenings to Tenco and more generally to the Italian songwriter, which gave a grate contribution to the creation of national way of jazz. On the stage of the Santa Giulana Arena there will be many artists: Giuliano Sangiorgi, voice of Negroamaro who makes his debut at Umbria Jazz, Gaetano Curreri, Paolo Fresu and the consolidated duo Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea. In the evening program, the role of Mauro Ottolini, a thrombonist, tube artist and, above all, the creator of original projects such as Seven Changes, the film by Buster Keaton, which went on stage last edition of Umbria Jazz. With Ottolini there will be his band (Roberto De Nittis piano, Stefano Menato, sax, clarinet, Riccardo Di Vinci, double bass, Paolo Map, drums) plus an orchestra of about thirty elements (Arrangements and direction are of the same Ottolini) Solo voices (Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, Kento & DJ Faust, Bocephus King).

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